06 Nov


In today’s digital economy, the importance of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure, applications and services is growing at an alarming rate. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and robotics are increasingly being introduced. As a result, there is need for new knowledge and skills. Support to countries and industry in their efforts to match current skills with the new jobs created, as a result of the rapid technological developments, has become a priority. Furthermore, least developed countries (LDCs), landlocked...

06 Nov


To start and build a business venture, new business owners will be at an advantage if they possesses strong entrepreneurship characteristics, such as creativity, risk-taking, goal-setting and leadership — to name some examples. Entrepreneurship can be associated with bold, independent creative acts in the business world that, if successful, culminate in value creation. Entrepreneurs often disrupt the status quo and take risks to create innovative new products and services. Well-known business leaders who are regarded as possessing entrepreneurship characteristics include Richard...

06 Nov


Migration involves movement of people between geographical locations within or between countries. It is part of the dynamic process of change in every society, and has always been an important component of rural or structural transformation. As economies undergo transformation, the movement of people in search of better employment opportunities within or between countries is inevitable. Contrary to widely-held generalisation, there is greater migration happening within than outside Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for about 15 percent of all international migrants...