Social View Kenya delivers services in education, leadership training, enterprise development, ICT development, agriculture, and Climate Change; assisting young people in their personal and socio-economic and cultural development and integration in line with Sustainable Development Goals.

Social View Kenya promotes innovative and equitable approaches aimed at developing essential intellectual, industry-tailored- job-specific training. Training are done through seminars, projects and publications for individuals, private enterprises and public bodies focused on the concept of equal opportunities for all and on the role that education plays in this context

Social View Kenya enhances and favors the development of the youth entrepreneurial skills in increasing their employability at the local and international levels. We embrace a gendered inclusive approach in our programming towards great, brilliant practical business plans and ideas in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Social View Kenya focuses on inspiring the youth beyond hope into committing the youth and the society towards economic, cultural and technological integration for development, peace, gender equity, climatic justice, and harmony.

Social View Kenya also organize events in Kenya whose aim is to enable the stakeholders to understand the development need of young people, chart a way forward and come up with initiatives that engage young people constructively.

We deliver services through the following action:

Capacity Building: training individuals, community groups, organizations and institutions in management skills, organizational development, leadership skills, and community development
Enterprise Development:
Training to individuals and community groups focusing on business development, micro-finance and enterprise development.
To improve youth and women enterprise capacity through training.

Thematic approach:
Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability; Promotion of peaceful co-existence among different communities;
Teaching and Education development in local community schools; Community and social development activities to support community initiatives;