Climate Change

SVK initiates and performs innovative research on climate change and related global challenges. We work in the network of governments, corporations, and social movements that have formed around the issue of climate change. We do this by embedding our research into long-term stakeholder dialogues. Our aim thereby is not necessarily to reach a consensus but to develop a variety of well-considered opinions. Often, this is the best foundation for sound decisions.

Our studies provide arguments for long-term climate mitigation and adaptation policies, ultimately leading towards a sustainable development path. SVK joint studies focus on problems, which different stakeholders have differing views on.

Our goal is to clarify differences and produce analyses that summarise and advance our state of knowledge in critical areas. The forum cultivates a pluralistic exchange in which different points of view are freely expressed and debated, on a basis of mutual respect.

Topics of interest for SVK joint studies are:

  1. Questions related to green growth
  2. Global aspects of the interaction between climate change and the socio-economic system
  3. Regional impacts of climate change
  4. Adaptation and mitigation
  5. Technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as more efficient energy use
  6. The introduction of renewable technologies
  7. Integrated risk management related to climate change.

SVK has considerable experience in participating in and organizing national and international research projects and interdisciplinary science-stakeholder dialogues, organizing international scientific conferences, and encompassing scientists, stakeholders (from energy, insurances, financial, computing, and other economic sectors), NGOs, as well as policy makers through such activities.