Our Work

Fighting off hunger, malnutrition and environmental degradation while supporting economic growth

Agri-Light Africa work with small-scale farmers in rural Africa to increase agricultural yields by researching, developing, evaluating, and disseminating successful approaches to and applications of sustainable agriculture in the region. Working with local farmers, agencies, and engaging students and faculty across universities in Africa.

Objectives of our Sustainable Agriculture Program:

  • Systematically research, develop, and evaluate successful approaches in sustainable agriculture
  • Disseminate these approaches through education and training programs
  • Highlight the significant role of sustainable agriculture in Africa and global food security
  • Specify fields of action for regional agricultural policy
  • Establish and maintain networks between local and international partners to promote the dissemination of successful concepts.


Because so many people in East Africa are rural, the pace of economic development and potential for eradicating poverty depend largely on growth in the agricultural sector. Farming contributes far less to the national economy than its percentage of the workforce.

Agriculture therefore has immense potential in the region. It can:

  • Provide adequate and affordable food for a rising population. The process of industrialization and urbanization currently underway in Africa requires a supply of relatively cheap food for the growing urban labor force.
  • Create prosperous farmers, a big potential market for domestic industries and services.
  • Provide employment and income to a large percentage of the population. Small improvements in farm productivity and rural earnings, multiplied by millions of smallholder farmers, can generate huge benefits for the country as a whole.
  • Supply raw materials to a growing domestic industrial sector.
  • Earn valuable foreign exchange that can be used to finance imports of capital and intermediate goods for local development.
  • Serve as a significant source of domestic savings for investment and capital formation.